The purpose of this site is to provide myself and others with a repository of information, thoughts and brain dumps of various things I’ve come across during my career and while talking things through with my colleges and customers.

 About me? well I consider myself an IT Professional, not the most auspicious title, my current roles are Chief Technology Officer for Matrix Information and systems Technology, and as an Enterprise Architect for a Global Systems Integrator, however I believe that IT Professional suites as a generic term.

Across my professional career I’ve filled any number of roles and requirements for various employers both as an employee and contractor, from Helpdesk to Architect and Consultant. Most recently I’ve been working as either a Enterprise Architect or as a Consultant providing customised support, solutions, design, architecture, implementations and delivery of pretty much anything a client needs, and if I wasn’t able to do it I tried to actively be involved in the management and delivery of the client requirements by either other members of my organisation or by a 3rd party that had the ability to deliver.

The primary reason for this site is to contribute to and support others like myself and to discuss and try and answer some of those questions that seem to keep coming up.

Everything on this site is based on my own opinion and is not owned by or affiliated with my employers both current and past.

My articles, posts, updates, tweets, etc. are my own Opinions not the views of my employer (unless they happen to align, which is very possible, but not guaranteed)

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