Aruba 2930M Series Switch

I’ve recently been spending some time with the Aruba 2930M series switches, and found them to be worth doing a quick writeup about. With today’s converged networking carrying more traffic from a wider range of sources, networking infrastructure is more critical than ever! The 2930’s have been designed with IOT and the explosion of wireless in mind

The companies that I’m dealing with are adding end points to their network at a rate of knots that is astounding, 802.11ac (and ax) access points, network sensors, security cameras, lights, door controllers, not to mention phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, servers, firewalls and other systems and technology.

With all of this new and old technology, cost and capabilities are driving what gets adopted and how quickly. The core importance of reliability, manageability, security, scalability are often overlooked, but are key to the success of any project or piece of work that will be networked! The Aruba 2930M ticks all of these box’s and overlayed with API’s and Software defined Networking at its heart, these are very capable switches and give a huge bang for your buck.

One of the key features that anyone looking at these switches needs to look into is the management capabilities. You can manage your network both through the on-premise Aruba AirWave product, or in the cloud with Aruba Central. Definitely worth a look at the capabilities and features unto themselves.

Link – Aruba 2930M Switch Series

  • Simple deployment, provisioning and management with advanced security and network management tools like Aruba ClearPass Policy Managerand Aruba AirWave and cloud-based Aruba Central with Zero Touch Provisioning.
    • Enhanced security with Tunnel Node so you can use the mobility controller as a unified policy enforcement point for traffic from both wired and wireless clients. I wrote a blog about it how it simplifies policy management and ensures consistent access and permissions.
    • Plenty of PoE+ that keeps running with dual redundant, hot-swappable power supplies with up to 1440W to power IoT devices, 802.11ac APs and cameras.
    • Pay-as-you-grow modular wire-speed 10GbE and 40GbE uplinks for scalable capacity back to a larger aggregation switch.
    • Enormous stacking capability with up to 10 chassis so you can quickly grow your network when new devices show up.

Many of my clients are adding new 802.11ac access points and in a lot of cases adding dozens and in some cases hundreds, as well as High resolution IP Security cameras, power sensors, motions sensors, humidity and temperature sensors, water quality and air quality sensors and other IoT devices, the growth is astounding. These devices all need connectivity, and in a lot of cases they need power and connectivity as these devices are frequently powered through PoE from the switch or have wireless connectivity via an AP that is connected via the switch. The core and edge switching that clients adopt has been critical to their success and adoption of the new technologies. The Aruba 2930 switches have been an extremely capable and reliable addition to their networking portfolio.

The Aruba 2930M Switch Series are Layer 3 switches that support Tunnel Node, robust QoS, and static, RIP, Access OSPF routing, PIM, VRRP and IPv6. One of the things I love about these Aruba 2930M’s is that there is no software licensing required for these features!

Software Defined Networking (SDN) is on the hottest topics in networking today. The value that SDN is bringing to larger networks is undisputed, both the value of the features and the capabilities as well as the value driven through faster and more agile change with less time and effort on behalf of the engineers and network administrators. The 2930M has the powerful Aruba ProVision ASIC that supports the latest SDN apps with programmability for today’s, tomorrow’s and many future applications. Customers wanting to adopt digital workplaces and who are seeing IOT and the big push towards pure mobility (i.e. 100% user device wireless) are perfect fits for this switch!

The last thing to touch on is the while these are fixed port switches (i.e. 24 and 48 port) they also have modular capabilities (i.e. the M in 2930M), There are some great options for using modules for connecting.

Click to access DS_2930MSwitchSeries.pdf

Problems? well, yes, I did have one issue that caught me by surprise and was more than a little disappointing. The Hot Swap PSU was very difficult to install and seat into the switch, this ended up being due to the Fan being slightly high and hitting the switch chassis before it could be inserted fully. I’ve come to expect more from HPE / Aruba build quality and this was this one had me second guessing if I had the right PSU until I realised what the problem was.

In conclusion these are some great switches with a lot of enterprise capabilities, they can deliver fantastic connectivity to the edge or in smaller datacentres environments where you haven’t upgraded to the Aruba 5400 Series Modular switches

Value for money, the Aruba 2930Ms have a very good cost per port ratio, the included features and manageability is great.

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