Everki Titan Backpack Review

Travel Friendly Laptop Backpack


To begin with, I love my laptop bags, I’m always trying to find the perfect bag for my requirements and desires, now the problem is that my requirements change on a regular basis and are highly dependent on my ‘persona’ and role that I’m playing at the time.

I can go from living off a Microsoft Surface pro for a couple of weeks to lugging around a high end workstation laptop and running half a dozen VM’s in a demo. My personal laptop is a Dell XPS 15 9560, which while not a large laptop, isn’t a small one either.

Devices that I’ll carry with me on a regular basis include.

  • Dell XPS 15 9560
  • Lenovo T460s
  • Microsoft Surface 3 Pro
  • Dell Latitude 7480

I will often also carry the Lenovo T460s when I’ve got one of the other devices as well adding my load.

While looking for a laptop bag to carry some more kit, one of my key decision factors was air travel, I will be taking this bag on flights and needed to be able to carry this on with me.

The Titan has lots of large compartments, but that’s not what makes it so innovative. Everki designed intuitive spaces for smart organization, buckles and straps positioned for on-the-fly adjustments; and pockets, pouches and slots for fingertip access. The extra large laptop compartment is roomy enough for the most behemoth 18.4-inch laptop. In the main storage area, you’ll find large, divided spaces which allow you to keep chargers and power supplies separate from fragile files and documents.

The Bag

The way this bag has been put together has really impressed me, the construction is solid and really well done. They have not skimped on the materials, the zipper tags or the tough stitching! This is one damn well made bag.

I’m not sure about you, however my backpack is fully loaded it gets heavy, very heavy at times, so I appreciate the engineered 5-point balance strap system that ergonomically distributes the weight and reduces muscle strain (I recently tweaked my back, so believe me when i say this made a big difference).

I normally have carry a bit, but the below is my minimum load, this is the whittled down loadout after I tweaked my back, there is normally a number of other pouches, cables and connectors, as well as a portable HDD, etc.

With straps adjustable at the shoulders, 2 quick-slide straps at the bottom and one across the chest; you have total control over weight distribution. This allows you balanced comfort, even when your backpack is full.

I also found one of the side pockets very handy for holding a bottle of drink, I’ve show a 600ml bottle of Coke in there, this bag is so huge that it makes it look like a 300ml baby bottle!

This might not seem like much, but having a drink handy and in reach is really appreciated when your on the go.

Below are a number of pictures I’ve taken of the bag, one of the things I don’t think is shown well is the size of the laptop compartment, This bag is a monster that swallows my laptops without even twitching!

Yet another of the handy features (which is becoming more common), is the Accessories Pouch. No one wants their power brick to get in the way or become a tangled mess. That’s why Everki designed the Accessories Pouch to separate your mouse, chargers, power supplies and cables from your more sensitive items.

There is also a good amount of padding around the laptop compartment, I’m always worried about the corners of my laptop the somewhat flimsy padding that a lot of bags have, No concerns with that here.


I’ve been really happy with this bag so far. Its amazingly well made and its big enough to hold everything I need with space to spare. It has all the pockets that I regularly use and can take a beating.

I spent my own money on this bag and I’m very happy with the investment!

I’m giving the Titan a score of 9 out of 10

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